Opening fifth Rondeel stable great success

Saturday was the realisation of Rondeel Vaassen a fact. After a quick building trajectory, the fifth Rondeel stable of the Netherlands was opened. The third Rondeel in the province of Gelderland.  

Owner Dik Verbeek and family was excited to show their stable to everybody interested in chicken farming. The stable was officially opened by Dik together with Peter Koelewijn (director Rondeel®) and deputy of the province Jan-Jacob van Dijk.

More than 1500 people came on Saturday to have a look inside the fifth Rondeel of the Netherlands. From family and friends, to poultry farmers of the Netherlands and even from abroad.

As there were no chickens yet in the stable, people could go on discovery through the stable. Visitors could enjoy all delicious products made of Rondeel eggs. Massive attention was there for the innovative design and new techniques and systems in this stable intended for 36.000 laying hens.

Rondeel® is a concept developed after research of the University of Wageningen from the Netherlands. In the project named `Laying hen husbandry´ researchers captured the wishes of laying hen chickens. Citizens, consumers and chicken farmers provided the input on  how laying hen chickens should be kept. A safe environment where chickens can perform their natural behaviour, like foraging and dustbathing. Inside the Rondeel 6 pieces of a pie provide 3 different living areas for the chickens. A night area to eat, drink, lay an egg and rest. A day area to explore and dust bath and a forest area for foraging.