Opening poultry training facility Bishoftu, Ethiopia.

After a poultry trade mission in Ethiopia in 2012, organised by the NABC, an Ethiopian poultry association was established.  Various companies from the Dutch poultry sector, brought together in the Holland-Africa Poultry Partners (HAPP) consortium, merged efforts to contribute to a more professional poultry sector in Ethiopia. One of their key objectives is to lift the poultry industry of Ethiopia to a higher level in collaboration with the Ethiopian MoA , Ethiopian knowledge institute EIAR  and Ethiopian poultry farmers EPDA. A recent project is the training facility at EIAR in Bishoftu.

The project
The facility consists out of 2 poultry houses and a small hatchery. One poultry house, equipped by Vencomatic Group, has 1.300 layers in production. The laying hens are ISA Brown hens. The other house is for 3.000 broilers and is equipped by VDL Agrotech. The facility is equipped with solar panels. The company Koudijs is delivering the poultry feed. The project is a training facility where knowledge is being transferred to poultry farmers contributing to the development of the Ethiopian poultry sector. Therefore a special Train-the-Trainer program (Btec program) is set up by Aeresgroup.

On June 9th the opening took place. It included a small show where HAPP members presented their products. The inauguration was very successful and was well attended by important stakeholders and organisations. They showed much interest in this concept and are exploring the possibilities of implementation in other research/ training institutes.

Photo 1: Opening ceremony
Ms Lidi Remmelzwaal Ambassador of the Netherlands in Addis Abeba and Dr Gebreegziabher Gebreyohannes State Minister of Livestok

Photo 2: Mr H. van den  Heuvel, Agricultural Councilor Dutch Embassy; Miss H. Dunst, NABC Project Manager; Miss G. van den Beken, RVO Officer; Mr. D. Kidane, Assistant of Mr. Boere NABC; Mr A. Boere, Local NABC representative in Addis Abeba

Photo 3: Speeches opening.
C. van de Ven, Owner Vencomatic Group
PB. Lichtenbeld, Sales Director Africa

Photo 4: Training facility with solar energy system

Photo 5: Layer training house on solar energy system