A Smartpack makes the daily tasks in an egg room effortless. It is cleverly designed, it safeguards the quality of your eggs and it can manage high capacity demands.

Clever design - The Smartpack is designed in an ingenious way. Its configuration can be adjusted to fit your egg room and create an overview of the complete packing process. Essential parts of the machine are easy to reach and make it easy to operate and clean.

Individual egg handling - Safeguarding egg quality is a key priority of our packers. Egg orientation, point down setting and transfer to the tray with vacuum lifters ensure optimum individual egg treatment and quality of the entire packing process. 

Twin configuration - To meet the demand of a higher capacity we offer the Twin set-up. This configuration contains two Smartpacks and doubles the capacity to 60,000 eggs per hour. Both units are autonomous, in that way you can control each unit independently from the other.