The Prinzen 50 is used for packing table eggs onto 30 cell trays. Gentle egg handling, ease of use and the point down correction are the key features of this packer. Low energy consumption and operational costs ensures a quick return on investment. 

The Prinzen 70  is especially designed for careful egg packing on 30-cell trays and has a 6 row cup configuration. The packer is offering an effective operating capacity of 25,200 eggs per hour, eggs are packed points down corrected and with highest care.

•  Reduces manual labour;
•  Gentle egg handling;
•  Easy operation;
•  For all types of 30-cell trays.

Prinzen packers are compact and fit into any egg collection room and can be extended with features such as infeed belts, egg coders, tray stackers and Pallet Loader.