X-Treck Mundo

In 2014, Vencomatic Group introduced the X-Treck system to enable on-farm hatching of broilers in traditional housing systems. After several successful projects we start developing a new type of the system, the X-Treck Mundo. New in the X-Treck Mundo is the tray support which is based on small trolleys. A “train” of trays is made and can easily be pushed (manually) forward over the X-Treck rail system. The X-Treck Mundo can handle different types of egg trays, placing and removing the trays can be done at the same side of the house.

For the X-Treck Mundo the installation height is lower compared to the X-Treck, so in winched up position there is more free space for working in the broiler house. This provides more work convenience and is especially advantageous in low houses, houses with a flat ceiling, or houses with several floors.