Multi-tier starts with aviary rear

Vencomatic recently opened the doors of its ‘first-of-a-kind’ Bolegg Starter rearing system in the UK in a well-attended open day. The Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs unit at Westwick Hall Farm, near Boroughbridge welcomed nearly 100 guests “We were really pleased with the turnout’, said Vencomatic UK ’s CEO Gordon Alexander. “The Bolegg Starter offers chicks the opportunity to move vertically around the system from day one. “Chickens climb trees in their natural habitat, and we want to replicate that environment in rear, both to ensure the chicks’ wellbeing, but also to develop the three-dimensional spatial awareness that is essential for a smooth transfer into lay. The key feature of the Bolegg Starter is that the platforms and drinker lines are winchable, allowing the operator to increase the height differences across the system. This encourages the birds to climb and allows the system to grow with the pullets.”

The rearing units have been fitted with the Vencomatic ECO Unit – an efficient air-to-air heat exchanger which recovers up to 80% of the heat contained in the exhaust air. This heat is transferred to the fresh air entering the shed and is then delivered both to the house environment and directly to the manure belts – to dry the litter and provide luxury ‘underfloor heating’ to the chicks in the compartments.

The rearing unit will house 64,000 birds, supplying the James Potter/Yorkshire Farmhouse laying operation.