Vencomatic Group contributes to conference for US based poultry researchers

Vencomatic Group was asked to participate in a meeting in which representatives of Universities from the USA and Europe met to discuss the challenges the North American poultry industry will face in the coming decades. This conference was hosted by the Center for Proper Housing of Poultry and Rabbits in Zollikofen in Switzerland. Participants in the meeting where representatives from 12 Universities from the US and 5 European Universities and research facilities.


The input of the Vencomatic Group was to share the experiences collected during the implementation of Cage Free Egg production in Europe and the US from the perspective of equipment suppliers. Harry Luimes (Vice President Sales North America and Mexico): “ In our presentations we shared the learning we did in Europe and how we implement these experiences in our products we are selling on the market today. Bas Liebregts (Product Manager Layers): “We showed the approach, the Vencomatic Group has in its product development, where the interest of the bird, consumer and producer are respected. “

This meeting made clear that the industry in North America is changing rapidly. In order to serve the industry from the scientific side work needs to be done. Harry Luimes: “ A lot of the knowledge needed is available. However, this is not always directly applicable in the North American industry. With the experience the Vencomatic Group has, as well in Europe and in North America a contribution can be delivered. A close collaboration between the scientific world and the world of the suppliers could be beneficial. “