10 year anniversary Galex Hungária Kft.

June 6th Galex Hungária Kft. celebrated its 10 year anniversary. We have asked Mr. Gyula Hajnal to tell something about his company and the developments of the past 10 years.

‘Galex Hungaria Kft. is a family owned company and I founded it together with my wife Erika 10 years ago. I used to work as a sales person for a company called Tier-Tech, via which I sold Vencomatic products.The relationship between Tier-Tech and Vencomatic was established by an old partner of ours; Mezőtek with Mr. Lajos Kocsis. He was the first to have automatic nest systems in Hungary. As there was no Hungarian dealer at that time, he ordered the technology directly from Holland. Since this project Tier-Tech started as a distributor for Vencomatic in Hungary.

Later on when I founded my own company there was no question if we would like to continue this collaboration. The focus on innovations of Vencomatic appealed to me. From all the companies with whom we established contact I have to say that Vencomatic is the most innovative. Because every 3 or 4 years they come up with a development, a new product that helps us to maintain our advantage over our competitors.

I started Galex Hungaria Kft. by myself and my colleagues Laszlo Molnar and Gyorgy Tirnbach joined half a year later, the three of us build the company. In that period I did everything myself: mailing, billing, sales, we did not even have a warehouse.

In the last 3 or 4 years the company has developed significantly. We moved to a new building, and hired additional staff. We now work with 12 persons. Our goal is to maintain our position that we have reached in the Hungarian market and to increase our market share even further. I think, considering the Hungarian market conditions, we are now in the second or third place among distributors. Last year we also started in a new market: distribution of renewable energy technology like solar panels and biomass heating systems.’