Expansion Vencomatic do Brasil

Vencomatic do Brasil,  a Vencomatic Group subsidiary, is expanding its factory size in order to increase production capacity. This is needed because of increasing sales volumes and the growing demand for the automation of egg collection in South America.

Luiz Sergio Del Nero, Vencomatic do Brasil states: “It took some time for the South American market to accept the Vencomatic Group products. After investing in customer training and cost reduction studies we managed to gain the trust of our (potential) customers. Because of this demand is growing rapidly”.

Luiz Sergio wants to emphasize this was a team effort: “I just would like to say these results were enabled by the people that we have, including the people from Holland that always support us. We have to keep moving in the same direction to continue the growth of the company introducing new products in our market”.

Vencomatic do Brasil was founded in 1999, starting in a rented building with 600 m2. On July, 2007 they moved to a new factory with 2.800 m2. With the expansion the factory now measures 5.200 m2.