European Biological Technologies LCC project in Russia entirely equipped by Vencomatic Group

Eersel, December 2013 – On Wednesday 4 December European Biological Technologies LCC (Samara, Russia) visited the Venco Campus to propose a toast on the deal they signed earlier this year. On 18 September the Vencomatic Group and European Biological Technologies LCC agreed a project for the construction of a highly-efficient, modern poultry complex, with a capacity of 50,000 tons of broiler meat per year. Vencomatic Group (Eersel, the Netherlands), known for its innovative and sustainable systems within the poultry industry, will equip the entire project. Activities start in April 2014 and will be completed by March 2015.

The project consists of several breeder, rearing and broiler sites in Kalynovka and Kabanovka, Russia. The project starts with the construction of 6 broiler sites with 18 buildings each. These sites house over 4,3 million broilers. In a later phase 6 breeder sites with 5 buildings each will be built for 290,000 bird places. On each location eggs of all 5 houses are transported to a central egg collection area (50,8 million eggs per year). This design reduces human contact with the eggs to a minimum. Prinzen egg handling machines ensure an 99,8% points down setting of eggs in the setter tray, resulting in better hatchability. The project also foresees the rearing of 183,000 breeders on 3 sites existing of 3 houses for female birds and 1 house for male birds. The rearing houses are equipped with winchable platforms, thereby creating substantial extra living surface for the birds. The platforms also allow free movement on varying levels, and trains the birds to jump. This encourages natural behavior from an early stage.

With this project European Biological Technologies LCC will create a state-of-the-art poultry facility, with full control over the poultry meat production process. Further development of the project aims at a total production of 130 thousand tons of poultry per year by 2018.

Director Mr. Konstantin Vladimirovich Pozmogov (European Biological Technologies LCC) and Sales Director CIS and Middle East Mr. K. Yaqut (Vencomatic Group) signing the contract.