Vencogroep Asia Sdn Bhd at full strength

Vencogroep Asia Sdn Bhd has expanded its operational team in recent months to better serve the markets in Asia and the Pacific. The expansion reflects the commitment of the Venco Groep to these markets. VIV Asia was enthusiastically attended by the Venco Group Asia team.

With eight persons, the team is now at full strength. A dedicated team of areas sales managers and service managers, will serve the Asian markets with the housing equipment of Vencomatic and egg handling systems of Prinzen. The team is led by Mr Peter Schreurs, General Manager Vencogroep Asia Sdn Bhd. The team consists of the following persons:
- Mr Peter Schreurs: General Manager Vencogroep Asia Sdn Bhd
- Mr Mike Ward: Regional Sales Director Prinzen
- Mr Christian Dizon: Area Sales Manager (Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India)
- Mr Steven (Aik Guan) Loh: Area Sales Manager (Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Malaysia)
- Mr Simon McKenzie: Area Sales Manager (Australia and New Zealand)
- Mr Jerry (Chun Ying) Yap: Area Sales Manager (North Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Korea and China)
- Mr Jeremy (Shee Tor) Kwan: Service Mnager Prinzen
- Ms Jia Chee Chin: Administration Manager