With our Agro Supply brand we offer climate solutions for the poultry sector worldwide. A healthy climate is an absolute must to achieve optimum performance from your birds. A healthy climate is created by providing fresh oxygenated air at bird level. With the systems Agro Supply creates an optimal control for the climate in poultry houses in all weather conditions with minimal energy use and superior air quality! At the same time, this reduces emissions of ammonia, fine dust and CO2.

Climate optimisation in poultry houses will improve bird performance. For broiler houses, air quality improves litter quality, resulting in less footpad lesions, a better growth and a better feed conversion. In layer houses we see comparable effects, better feed conversion, lower mortality and drier houses

With a dedicated team of climate specialists, Agro Supply offers you the best solutions to create optimal conditions for animals and humans in a profitable way. Our solutions allow you to save costs, care for the environment, and optimise the performance of your birds.

Agro Supply is part of the Vencomatic Group. Vencomatic Group is known for its innovative and sustainable systems for the poultry industry. Combining three well-known brands – Vencomatic, Agro Supply and Prinzen. Vencomatic Group offers a full range of innovative systems for all types’ of poultry farms.