Lamberdina's farm

After a year of a lot of thinking, research and consultation, the dream "Lamberdina's Hoeve" becomes reality. Eric Thielen, a laying hen farmer from Castenray in Limburg, realizes his dream about creating a unique organic farm. Eric has been running his business for more than 20 years. In recent years he has started thinking about the future of his business through all the developments in the field of organic farms.

Eric’s heart is with the chickens and this is his starting point: "My idea is to create a natural environment where the welfare of my animals and food safety is guaranteed. I want to produce eggs that will be laid by laying hens in the best condition."

Responsibility for tomorrow
Organic and sustainable business is growing in Limburg, but still it does not thrive. We can see advanced farmers who dare to take risks to invest in a new way of producing, and of course, the consumer also plays a role, but often doesn’t have the right information to make healthier food choices. One shared value is that everyone is aware of that the Earth is more vulnerable than we often think. We can no longer afford a 'make, use & waste' economy - we have to switch to sustainable forms of food production. 

Sustainability at Lamberdina's Hoeve means our health and the health of our planet, implementation of innovations and transfer of our country to the next generation. For Eric, entrepreneurship doesn’t feel like a just business or a way to make money, but is emotionally attached to the earth, the district and the region. "It is the responsibility of all of us and touches the essence of our existence.

Economics is important but sustainable care for people, animals, nature and the environment is a complete way of life. With this way of doing business we take responsibility for the future."
According to Eric, the idea that small scale can be sustainable is outdated. "Small scale and sustainability are not synonymous. If you produce on a larger scale, you can invest much more efficiently in sustainability. I realize that as a farmer, in addition to running my business, I also have a duty to provide consumers with honest information. I want to inspire people with my story about where our food comes from."

Collaboration with Vencomatic Group
Eric inspires Vencomatic Group with his story and they started working together to realize this dream. "This is not the first time that we have worked together and every time I experience the power of co-creation. Vencomatic Group chooses products that contribute to the natural environment of the chickens."

Lamberdina Hoeve
Eric’s grandmother, Lamberdina, bought a piece of land in 1919 and settled there with her husband Willem Thielen. In 1923, the college granted a license to build their farm. Eric still runs his business on the place where Lamberdina stood 100 years ago and looks confidently to the future with determination. Eric realizes more and more that he is responsible for the future of that small piece of land. And the way he interprets it, significantly contributes to the future of the world. He already knows what the name of the farm will be: Lamberdina's Hoeve (Lamberdina’s Farm).