Smart Poultry mission to Holland

From June 15 until June 21 Agrimex Holanda organizes a mission to Holland for a select group of Mexican poultry entrepreneurs and associates. They will be taken on a journey called The Dutch Way. A program to give them a deeper understanding of the Dutch poultry sector, our Smart Poultry approach and the way private parties, government, research and knowledge institutions work together. Vencomatic Group receives the group at the Venco Campus for a tour and a roundtable discussion

Agrimex Holanda is a group of Dutch companies with long experience in bringing proven, innovative and sustainable solutions to the poultry industry on a worldwide basis. Supported by the Dutch government, we offer our lessons learned and innovative concepts to find answers regarding Avian Influenza and Salmonella, calamity planning in case of an outbreak, how to implement sustainable and energy-saving lighting concepts, how ICT solutions can improve breeding, how to create high quality feed, and to prevent chicks from growing too fast. Also we have expertise on supply chain management, transport and how to connect with the consumer. By working together as a group, we can offer an integrated poultry chain proposition from feed to meat to the Mexican market.

Emphasis on food safety
The next decades the world population will grow fast and the importance of poultry products will grow accordingly. The challenge therefore is to produce more poultry products, with an emphasis on food safety and food security. The Dutch poultry sector is proud to be one of the global leaders in knowledge and innovation. Eco-friendly barns, innovative breeder housing systems, healthy forage blends, all are examples of Dutch poultry innovation that are enriching the world today. It was the reason we started public-private partnership Agrimex Holanda. Our aim is to maintain and further develop this position for the benefit of professionals in Mexico. We hope it sparks their interest in the Netherlands.