Big Data for optimization of the poultry meat chain

The Netherlands has internationally leading companies in the poultry meat chain, that can develop technology and knowledge for optimization. Although there is a lot of information in the Netherlands compared to other countries, this is not effectively shared and used. To get more insight into the poultry meat chain, the project "Big Data in the poultry meat chain" has started. Vencomatic Group is one of the project partners. The project is a collaboration between industrial partners, a knowledge institute, and a partner with an integrated chain. The latter acts as an experimental field within the project, which enables acquired insights to be immediately applied and tested. The partners are: GMV / FME (secretary), Trouw Nutrition, Marel Stork, Vencomatic Group, Pas Reform, Kuijpers Kip, and Wageningen University & Research.

Transparency is expected to be achieved through data exchange and open collaboration between the different links. Optimization in this project means improving animal health, animal welfare, environmental performance and economic efficiency of the chain. Luuk van Luffelen, Vencomatic Group project manager: "By sharing information and insights with our partners we learn from each other. This will enable specific research questions to be tested in the experimental field and will bring additional insights to all partners."

Within the project the focus is on improving economic efficiency, of course, within the framework of guaranteed food safety and legal standards. Furthermore the project partners expect that transparency in the meat chain will lead to social (and thus financial) appreciation of increased animal welfare and increased environmental performance. For Vencomatic Group, it is important to participate in these projects to increase knowledge and experience.

PROJECT INFO   Roadmaps: Consumer and Chain and HighTech to Feed the World
Project number: AF16059
Duration: 2017 – 2020