Bolegg Gallery, Large – bigger - better!

After a successful release of the Bolegg Terrace XL we also developed an XL version for the Bolegg Gallery. Our XL aviary systems optimize the utilization of space in existing houses.


The Bolegg Gallery XL suits poultry houses of up to 100 sections. We incorporated the same elements as we did for the Bolegg Terrace XL. Hereby we can efficiently equip poultry houses of up to lengths of 230 meters while maintaining the quality of our current Bolegg Gallery system.
What has changed?
- Manure belt drive unit: it includes the new robust manure belt drive unit with large drive rollers and more powerful motors.
- Egg belt drive unit: this drive unit ensures a smooth run and withstands the higher tension of the increased weight of a longer belt carrying more eggs.
- Egg belt: it is equipped with the heavy duty black egg belt

The Bolegg Gallery has a couple of new features that improve our aviary system:

- A walk-through has been created which could be placed next to the partitioning walls. This prevents oppression of birds and an overcrowded nest next to the partitioning walls as it creates a passage instead of a dead end

- The Bolegg Gallery can be equipped with the Vencobelt Compact. This is a range of compact egg collection conveyors that enables to transport eggs over a vertical distance in a small area.

- A new drinking line is available. The diameter of the drinking line has increased to 28mm which changes the capacity per pressure regulator