Vencomatic Group attending at WPC2016

Bart Alders MSc., poultry specialist at Vencomatic Group, presents his research on optimizing the so-called ‘Egg way’ on the world poultry congress in Bejing, held from 5-9 September. At Vencomatic Group we continuously focus at optimizing the so-called ‘Egg way’: the journey an egg travels from being laid in the nest up to placement in the transportation vehicle at the farm.

Barts research was a cooperation between Wageningen University and Vencomatic Group, and aimed at developing a method predicting eggshell damage in egg handling processes. By analysing 1,235 consumption eggs that were exposed to varying levels of impact, Bart confirmed earlier studies demonstrating that the risk for a hairline crack depends on quality characteristics of the eggshell. However, Bart discovered that optimizing the Egg way, seems to have much more potential in reducing hairline cracks. This means that minimizing the impacts of each transition an egg encounters must be a first priority for consumption egg producers, especially with the on-going genetic selection for increasing laying persistence and thus the maximum age a laying hen is kept for egg production.

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