Cooperation Vencomatic Group & Gunji Co Ltd

During the KI Stock 2015 (Korea International Livestock Expo) exhibition, last week hold in Daegu – South Korea, the Vencomatic Group BV appointed a new dealer for South Korea.

The company name is Gunji Co Ltd, based in Gimje-City and owned by Mr. Korison Kwak. Gunji Co Ltd operates in the poultry and the pig equipment business. Besides this, Gunji owns a broiler farm (50.000 birds) and has contract broiler farms with a total capacity of around 1 million broilers.







The Gunji/Vencomatic Group booth.







During the exhibition, Gunji organised a Vencomatic Group seminar, introducing the Grando Nest system, the Bolegg Gallery and the ACU to the audience.







From left to right: Peter Schreurs (Director Operations China – Asia/Pacific), Dr Steven Loh (area sales manager Vencomatic Group), Korison Kwak (President Gunji Co Ltd).