X-Treck won innovation price

Last night Vencomatic Group was the host for the 'Symposium for Higher Poultry Health'. This is an initiative from several Dutch companies that are related to the poultry industry. Vencomatic Group won the ‘Poultry Innovation Award’ for X-Treck. All 230 visitors voted for the product that they perceived to be the most innovative, 80% of the votes were for X-Treck. We received the price together with the Wingens brothers, with whom we developed and tested the X—Treck.

Together with Rob Wingens (left), Fons Romme (Are Sales Manager NL) received the  ‘Poultry Innovation Award’.








The X-Treck is a unique concept that enables on-farm hatching in traditional broiler houses. X-Treck provides an optimal start resulting in robust broilers and forms the basis for further profitability in broiler production.

You can also read the official press release (in Dutch): www.pluimveeweb.nl

Before the symposium, the organisation shot a video of all the nominees​. In the video  you can see the X-Treck with the new option 'In-Cradle'; directly after hatching, chicks land on a synthetic surface where they recover from hatching before accessing the litter floor below. Check the video (in Dutch) here.