Exhibition of innovative High Tech companies during Dutch Technology Week!

High Tech companies – located in “De Brabantse Kempen” -  will display their innovations during the discovery tour on May 24. Dutch Technology Week (DTW) will focus on technological highlights for students interested in technology and innovation.

Dutch Technology Week wants to emphasize the fun, challenging and engaging side of technology related to study, work or entrepreneurship.  Local innovations and inventions will also be demonstrated.

Vencomatic Group will be present at this event, with our latest innovations. Other participating companies which will also be present are: Bruns, NTS Group, Faes Group, ATD Machinery, VDL, Diffutherm, KSE, Hapert Aanhangwagens and MS Schippers.

The High Tech discovery tour will visit seven hotspots in the Brainport area: “Kempisch Bedrijven Park”, ASML, “Eindhoven Noord”, High Tech Campus, Automative Campus, Groene Campus and AAE Helmond. Visitors can visit the locations by bus (for free).

For more information: www.dutchtechnologyweek.nl